Executive Board Election for 2016

Beginning November 18, 2015, The RGV Disc Golf Club will accept nominations for our executive board, whose members will be responsible for the governance of our club, the delegation of club responsibilities, and the organization of our club’s events.  

Online voting will begin on November 28 and end on December 5.  No further nominations will be accepted after voting begins.  Write in candidates will be allowed.  Voting procedure will be announced next week.

There will be five club members elected to the executive board.  The voting procedure will allow each club member to vote for their five preferred candidates.  The five candidates with the most votes will be elected to the executive board.

Candidates will be nominated in the Facebook comments section at the bottom of this page (not on Facebook).  Any members who do not currently have a Facebook account may contact any other club member in order to have their nomination posted on their behalf.  

Only one nomination is required for any candidate.  Please do not add nominations for candidates who have already been nominated.  Candidates who are nominated, but do not wish to serve on the executive board may opt-out by commenting on this page.  

Election Standards and Procedures

  1. All current club members are eligible to vote.
  2. Candidates must be current club members.
  3. Any member may nominate a candidate.
  4. Members may nominate themselves.
  5. The executive board will consist of five elected members.  
  6. Each member may cast one vote for five candidates.
  7. The five candidates with the most votes will be selected as board members.
  8. Board members will serve for a period of one year.
  9. If a board member resigns their position, a special election will be called within two weeks to allow club members to elect a replacement board member.
  10. The term of service for replacement board members will end upon the conclusion of the original board member’s term.  
  11. The executive board will have the authority to appoint club officers as necessary.  
  12. The executive board will have the authority to dismiss club officers as necessary.
  13. Any club member may be appointed by the board as a club officer.
  14. Board decisions may be objected to, and overturned by a two thirds majority decision of voting club members.
  15. Any club member may object to a board decision.  
  16. At least two other members must second an objection before a vote may be called.