Club Rules

Last updated 1/17/2015


  1. $5 all divisions
  2. $3 optional ace pot

Bag Tags

  1. All rankings may challenge for any higher ranking.
  2. Challenges may be issued at any time and at any course.
  3. There will be no fees charged for bag tag challenges between members.
  4. Bag Tags will only be issued to club members. Tags transferred to non-members will not be recognized by the club.
  5. $10 for replacement tags (when available).
  6. Bag Tag #1 receives free entry to next mini after winning tag. 1 free mini limit. Must win tag at mini to qualify for next free mini. #1 tag player must compete in a mini within two weeks or tag will default to next highest ranked eligible player.

Ace Pot

  1. Only club members are eligible for Club Ace Pot.
  2. Non-members are eligible only for Daily Ace Pot.
  3. Exception to rule 2: Non members will be eligible for club ace pot if they have played ace pot 4 out of last 5 minis.

Proposed Rules

  1. Intermediate moves to Open – Top 3 finish in 3 out of five minis (minimum five players per mini)
  2. Open moves to Intermediate – Injury affecting play only